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Evolutionary Peace Summit

We cordially invite you to join our FREE ONLINE EVENT at the EVOLUTIONARY PEACE SUMMIT on September 21 and 22nd in celebration of the International Day of Peace 2012.

ursula velonis

Interact with seven peace builders who will share their knowledge, skills and wisdom to enhance peace through community building, culture, education, science and consciousness.

We can't wait to enjoy this exciting event with you!

Warm Greetings,
Ursula Velonis, PhD
Your Host Director of the Evolutionary Peace Leadership Series

Susan Lord

Sept. 21st 12pm PT/3pm ET
Peace as Medicine with Dr. Susan Lord

Dr. Susan Lord uses mind-body integration to instill peace and well-being within human systems. She will show us how alternative medicine and integrative lifestyle approaches can increase peace-awareness on many levels of human operations.

Dr. Susan Lord is an integrative physician who specializes in complementary and alternative medicine using mind-body approaches, nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

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Michael Nagler

Sept. 21st 2pm PT/5pm ET
Peace as Nonviolent Thought and Action with Dr. Michael Nagler

Dr. Michael Nagler will speak about inner peace -- how to cultivate it through passage meditation and bring it out into the world through "Roadmap" - a new scheme developed by the Metta Center for Nonviolence. Its design takes us "from spontaneous protest to unstoppable movement" using Gandhian principles of thought and action..

Dr. Michael Nagler is the co-founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program at UC Berkeley. His most popular course on non-violence lead to the founding of the Metta Center for Nonviolence in Marin County, CA.

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David Crowe

Sept. 21st 4pm PT/7pm ET
Peace as Culture and Beauty with David Crowe

David Crowe will share his skills and wisdom as composer, musician and conductor by informing us how the art of music can enhance peace and culture. He will demonstrate through his own work how music can instill peace in one's being and environment.

David Crowe is a composer, conductor, teaching artist and percussionist. He specializes in collaborative projects with other musicians and artists in other disciplines. He has created several works for educational and arts organizations throughout the country. In 2010 David Crowe was awarded an Artist Fellowship by the North Carolina Arts Council.

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Marilyn Schlitz

Sept. 22nd 10am PT/1pm ET
Peace as Evolving Consciousness with Dr. Marilyn Schlitz

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz is the Ambassador of creative Projects and Global Affairs at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. As skilled researcher, teacher, consultant and public speaker, her work focuses on the interface of consciousness, science and transformation. She has published hundreds of articles and is co-author of "Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life" and "Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind Body Medicine."

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Dot Maver

Sept. 22st 12pm PT/3pm ET
Peace as Education with Dr. Dot Maver

Dr. Dot Maver is a peacebuilder and educator whose keynote is inspiring cooperation on behalf of the common good. She inspires us to remember that knowledge and wisdom through education has the function and shared responsibility to empower peaceful people who bring peaceful actions into the world.

Dr. Dot Maver is an educator and peacebuilder, President and CEO of the National Peace Academy, Executive Director of River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, coordinator of Push4Peace, and founder of Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructure for Peace.

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Phil Petersn

Sept. 22nd 2pm PT/5pm ET
Peace as Science with Dr. Phil Petersen

Dr. Phil Petersen will illuminate us about the value of science in its different aspects including natural, inner and psychological science to show that wisdom is the aim of all learning. He will give us a historical backdrop on how science tried to make sense of the quantum levels of reality.

Dr. Phil Petersen is a writer, musician, songwriter, healer, entrepreneur and scientist. He founded the "Empyrean, Quest" publishes metaphysical books and offers uplifting music.

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The Evolutionary Peace Leadership Series program of the Center for Peace through Culture teaches Evolutionary Peace Leaders to create a synthesis between self-evolution and cultural, social, political and global evolution, fostering peaceful co-existence among all peoples and living creatures. Evolutionary Peace Leaders celebrate inner peace as the true source of outer peace in all its manifestations.

The Evolutionary Peace Leadership Series inspires Active Peace Builders to share and hone their existing peace building skills; teaches Community Peace Builders groundbreaking steps in evolutionary community building; and instructs young people how to become Budding Evolutionary Peace Builders in their own right.