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Community Kindness Card Initiative

Community Kindness Card Initiative<br />


The Center for Peace Through Culture (CPC) and Acting Without Boundaries (AWB) are collaborating to bring words of hope, kindness, and love to our community members across the region.

“Community Kindness Cards - Give love to those who need it most” is a way to show your support for the elderly, the compromised, and the first responders in your community.

Join us by making a heartfelt card. Invite your family and friends to join you! Have a card making party or just rock out to some music while you create your special card. Pull out the crayons and get your little ones involved! Keep your message bright and positive! Personalize it with a drawing.

Here’s what you have to do- it’s simple!

  • Write one note or as many as you like (see the printable template and letter samples below for inspiration)
  • Decorate it- make it colorful! (kids can draw pictures)
  • Send your cards to us at:
    The Center for Peace through Culture
    Box 54
    Housatonic, MA 01236
    We will distribute them to hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions where many are in great need of some love and support.

Get your friends and family to join us! Spread the word! 

Here are some samples:

Hi there!

    Our family wants to say hello and let you know that you are special and we care about you. You are awesome and your smile is brighter than the sun. Don’t forget how unique you are. We love you!

                            xo (Name)

Hi there!
    No visitors is tough, but our community wants you to know that we are thinking of you and wish you good health. Sending our love and virtual hugs and kisses!
                            xo (Name)

Hi there!
    We want to say hello and tell you that our community is thinking of you. Thank you for your service! You are special and appreciated! We wish you good health and a big virtual hug.

                            xo (Name)


Here is the printable template (click the template to open a printable PDF):

Thank you for caring and sharing!

If you would like to support this initiative with a donation, we thank you!

The Center for Peace through Culture is collaborating with Acting Without Boundaries

Acting Without Boundaries aims to transform lives and build self-esteem in an empowered community of people with physical disabilities through theater that celebrates ability.