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What We Do

Our vision is simple, yet powerful: A world culture of peace.

To accomplish this, we pursue a clearly focused mission: To educate and empower people and communities to live more creatively and peacefully.

For the Center for Peace through Culture, achieving a world culture of peace involves supporting activities and efforts that foster cooperation, removing the barriers that separate individuals, communities and nations.

We are guided by a core belief that the best way to achieve a peaceful world is to begin with the individual. We work with children and adults, helping them develop core life skills including self-awareness, self-expression, and self-regulation, in order to lead more mindful, peaceful and compassionate lives.

Our experience over decades shows that the positive impact of building individual life skills quickly multiplies outward. Working individual by individual, and community by community, we believe we truly can achieve a world culture of peace.

To fulfill our vision and mission, CPC develops and facilitates unique, experiential programs that build life skills, helping individuals to discover themselves, and discover and appreciate differences with others. These programs include LifeSchool and Community Projects

CPC also seeks to incubate ideas and programs that may spin off to become freestanding entities. One success story is Greenagers, which was born from an idea that came out of a CPC forum in the 1980’s. CPC brought together two scientists, two artists and two philosophers to have a creative dialogue about the issue of water pollution on Long Island. Through this creative process, they came up with the idea to recruit teenagers into an “environmental army.” Greenagers has been a thriving
independent 501(c)(3) organization since 2013.