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Our Team

The Center for Peace through Culture’s team—staff, advisors, and board—is a remarkable, passionate group of individuals with deep expertise and experience across a wide range of disciplines. United by CPC’s vision and mission, and trained at some of the world’s leading institutions, CPC’s team is a powerful force for creating a more peaceful world.


Susan Lord, MD

With an extensive background in curriculum development and teaching, Dr. Lord specializes in drawing on the intersection of Western science and Eastern philosophy to develop new models of education and public health.  She enjoys writing and has lectured in a variety of public and professional forums throughout the country.

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Amy Lyn, PhD, Leadership Coach

Amy draws on her background in transformational learning and social emotional development in her work as a coach.

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Lyn Meczywor, Director of Operations

Lyn Meczywor, a marketing leader with more than a decade of experience, graduated from Westwood College with a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing in 2009.

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Trudy Manion, M.Ed, Director of Community Engagement and Coach

Trudy is Certified in Positive Psychology, and has her Masters in Community, Arts and Education. She brings her extensive experience in health, wellness, education, meditation, mindfulness, and the arts to her role as the Director of Community Engagement and as a CPC life coach.

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Colleen Simo, President

Colleen is a Human Resources professional and yoga teacher with a history of helping organizations incorporate mindfulness practices into work settings.

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Ariana Attie, Vice President

Ariana is a musician, recording artist, songwriter, arranger, producer, pictorial artist, award winning fashion designer, costume designer, and greeting card artist. She is passionate about bringing the arts into schools and into the community.

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Kathleen Frome, Secretary

Kathleen is a retired teacher, social worker and midwife. She has been a board member since 2011, bringing her lifelong commitment to healing and peaceful living into a cooperative effort to help create a world culture of peace.

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Lili Clendenning, Treasurer

Lili is a clinical counsellor with 16 years of experience working in private practice and for a large government health organization. 

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Advisory Board
Nanette Hucknell, Co-Founder

Nanette’s passion, vision, and experience were instrumental in the creation of CPC in New York City in 1978. As CPC’s co-founder, she drew on her diverse experiences as a therapist, career counselor, writer, artist, and art director. Nanette was President of CPC, guiding the organization through its early development and in 2001, after the events of 9/11, she brought CPC to the Berkshires.

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Jill Sasso Curtis

Jill is the co-creator of CPC’s signature program, LifeSchool. She was a board member from 2017 - 2019, and now serves on CPC's advisory board.  

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David Crowe

David is a celebrated composer, conductor, percussionist, and teaching artist.

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