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LifeSchool for Nonprofits

LifeSchool for Nonprofits is a comprehensive, science-based program that supports skillful and creative living for individuals, teams and organizations in the nonprofit sector.  The curriculum addresses the burn-out that often accompanies mission-driven organizations, and can be adapted to any organization interested in developing skills—among both internal and external stakeholders—to cultivate a less stressful, healthier and more peaceful work environment.

LifeSchool for Nonprofits is designed to help nonprofit employees better achieve their desired objectives by learning—and integrating into their work—the science of the mind-body connection and mind-body modalities so they can function more effectively.

The core curriculum addresses the science of the autonomic nervous system, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, nutrition and mindful movement.  Practical techniques to promote well-being include: breathing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation methods, guided imagery, journaling, narrative writing, movement, creative drawing and nutrition. 

We can tailor programs to meet the unique needs of your organization. Please contact us if your organization is interested.

Case Study: Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), Great Barrington, MA

The Center for Peace through Culture provided our LifeSchool for Nonprofits curriculum to Volunteers in Medicine in three programs to mitigate stress and enhance the health of people in our community.

Our first group program worked with mostly Hispanic men, aged 25-60, suffering from hypertension. The six experiential sessions, presented in English and Spanish, included the science of the autonomic nervous system, meditation and mindfulness, journaling, nutrition/cooking, and yoga. Participants made lifestyle changes that significantly improved their health, including lowering their blood pressure.

The second group program of six sessions focused on Hispanic women who were overweight. Again, we worked in English and Spanish and participants benefited significantly from the camaraderie and support of the group as they became aware of the sources of their stress that resulted in overeating. Many established new healthy lifestyle habits that are the foundation for weight loss and overall improvement of health.

Our third group was part of a clinical trial, sponsored by Berkshire Health Systems to document the potential of an integrative approach to non-opioid pain management. The group sessions focused on stress, which is known to adversely contribute to the perception of pain. Our group participants explored the science of pain, their own sources of stress and took steps to establish a practice of meditation and mindfulness, as well as taking steps to resolve sources of stress in a variety of ways.

The LifeSchool for Nonprofits curriculum, in conjunction with nutrition, exercise and acupuncture, was highly effective in diminishing the experience of chronic pain.