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LifeSchool for Companies

LifeSchool for Companies is a comprehensive, science-based program that supports skillful and creative living for individuals, teams, and companies. The curriculum teaches essential life skills needed to navigate the everyday stress experienced at home and at work, and cultivates a more productive and engaged work force.

The Center for Peace through Culture believes that the best way to build a peaceful world is to develop a society in which all individuals learn the skills to lead mindful, peaceful and compassionate lives. A powerful way to do this is to train individuals and teams within companies—supporting them so they can function more effectively and integrate the life skills required for self-care, effective and thoughtful leadership, team building and creative problem solving as they pursue their objectives.

The core curriculum addresses the science of the autonomic nervous system, neuroplasticity, positive psychology, nutrition and mindful movement.  Practical techniques to promote well-being include: breathing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation methods, guided imagery, journaling, narrative writing, movement, creative drawing, and nutrition. 

We will tailor programs to meet the unique needs of your organization. Please contact us if your organization is interested.

Case Study: Community Health Programs (CHP), Great Barrington, MA

CPC tailored a LifeSchool training for Community Health Programs, a busy healthcare clinic.  The goal was to relieve the often overwhelming stress of those in caretaker roles.

CPC worked with the entire staff, from receptionists to medical professionals, introducing them to the core LifeSchool concepts of self-awareness, self-expression, and self-regulation.  Over the course of four sessions, participants met in small groups, learning the life skills needed to work mindfully and effectively as a cohesive team.

Through self-care and an understanding of the mind-body connection, results showed employees provided more compassionate care for their patients and expressed greater fulfillment in their work.