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LifeSchool Year Long Program Goes Virtual!

All constituents of school communities have been immeasurably impacted by the pandemic over the last year. Further, the pandemic has disproportionately affected families from disadvantaged populations, including those living in poverty, people of color, immigrants and children with special needs- these children are enrolled throughout our public school system.

The tangible losses are obvious- loss of jobs and homes, food insecurity, isolation from family and friends, illness and death- and are being addressed to a significant degree by communities. The impact of psychological stress is less easily addressed and often minimized, thinking that we will soon be back to normal.

There is, however, a growing body of medical data documenting that adults and children are experiencing the impact of long-term, significant traumatic stress and predicting residual mental health consequences for the foreseeable future. Rates of depression, anxiety, burnout and even suicide are rising. Fortunately, there is also significant literature on the power of SEL to mitigate symptoms through developing the mindset and resilience inherent in emotional intelligence.

Teachers are in a unique position to create the stability children need to get back on track, but they are experiencing relentless, overwhelming stress, where the very nature of teaching is radically different. This summer is an opportunity for schools to provide training for teachers interested in being leaders at their schools in the field of SEL and emotional intelligence. Learning these skills and sharing them with their colleagues can help create a calmer, more cohesive and supportive school culture.

Resilient teachers foster resilient students.

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LifeSchool is a comprehensive, science-based program that supports skillful and creative living.

Designed for schools and education systems as well as companies and nonprofits, LifeSchool is focused on developing peaceful, creative, productive environments. This experiential model provides education about the physiological and psychological effects of stress, and teaches mind-body skills to mitigate symptoms, promote relaxation, and engage people in their life with a new perspective and new lifestyle skills to enhance physical and emotional resilience.

The LifeSchool curriculum teaches the scientific foundation of mind-body medicine, including the biology of stress and relaxation responses of the autonomic nervous system, neuroplasticity, trauma, positive psychology, nutrition and mindful movement. Practical techniques to promote well-being include: breathing, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, relaxation methods, guided imagery, journaling, narrative writing, movement, creative drawing and nutrition. The goals are increased self-awareness, self-expression and self-regulation.

Group support provides an opportunity to explore meaning and purpose in life and to connect with others in community. The healing power of sharing a common experience in the context of a facilitated group has been well documented to relieve stress, decrease physical and emotional pain, restore function and thus enhance quality of life. 

An important goal of these groups is to inspire and empower people to make lifestyle changes, learning to manage stress through mindful living practices. The LifeSchool approach trains the mind, shapes the brain and holds the promise of living life fully with more equanimity and less stress, more meaning and less disconnect. The ultimate goal is to live a more peaceful, resilient and loving life.

“I don't think there is a person out there that wouldn't benefit from LifeSchool. It has changed me! I am a better person because of the wisdom shared with me!”

We develop tailored programs to help organizations of all kinds meet their goals. Please contact CPC if you or your organization is interested.

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