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Community Projects

The Center for Peace through Culture’s Community Projects initiative is focused on facilitating creative expression in community—activating our shared creative imagination, and experiencing shared cultural values of beauty, truth, and harmony to unite humanity.

We support a variety of projects at the intersection of creativity and peace on an ongoing basis, and we’re always looking for new approaches. Please contact us if you have ideas for projects that will stimulate dialogue, facilitate creative expression, and build skills to promote peace.

Current community projects:

  • Community Kindness Cards - Join us by making a heartfelt card.  Invite your family and friends to join you!
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  • Free to be Me! -  Virtual Child & Family Yoga Series with Julie Pellerin-Herrera. Join Center for Peace through Culture Facebook LIVE for child-centered MINDFULNESS.
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Past projects include:

  • The Compassion Project was created by a Berkshire elementary school teacher who observed a lack of empathy and compassion in her 5th grade class. CPC faculty worked closely with her to address this issue. Students explored what it means to be compassionate through essays, poetry, mindfulness and service within their school community. The project culminated in a “compassion” school fair, designed by the 5th graders for the younger students.

  • Ngalla Meets Monterey Quilt Project was started with a partnership between CPC and Dr. Ruth Engo, founder and president of African Action on AIDS, who initiated the idea for the “Vision of a World Without AIDS Quilt.” The collaborative effort involved a group of African children who had lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic, and a group of Monterey, MA women. The children painted their vision of a world without AIDS and the Monterey women incorporated the paintings into a quilt that represents the hopes and dreams of African children for a better world and the will of Monterey residents to fulfill that dream.

  • Greenagers was born from an idea that came out of a CPC forum in the 1980’s. CPC brought together two scientists, two artists, and two philosophers to have a creative dialogue about the issue of water pollution on Long Island. Through this creative process, they came up with the idea to recruit teenagers into an “environmental army.” CPC founded and financed the Greenagers until they were able to become a thriving independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2013.

  • The Pathways to Peaceful Living Conference, was a gathering of presenters and 18 interactive workshops focusing on diverse peaceful practices, ancient to contemporary, that inspire people to lead more peaceful lives. The conference was held at the Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, MA.


Contact us if you’re interested in working with us on a Community Project.