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Susan Lord, MD

Susan Lord, MD, is the Executive Director of CPC. She has 25 years of experience as a physician, a health and wellness coach, and psychotherapist specializing in stress management and trauma. She has expertise in mind-body medicine, psychotherapy, nutrition and overall lifestyle coaching.

During the pandemic, coaching is a way to mitigate the effects of personal loss, teach skills valuable for the trauma sensitive classroom and prepare teachers to support their students during this ongoing time of uncertainty and change.

Sessions are customized to the specific identified goals of each client. Issues are explored using a variety of mind-body techniques and clients are empowered over time to bring balance into lifestyle through healthy changes. Building on values and strengths and learning how to navigate stressful situations with resilience leads to a stronger sense of self-mastery, personally and professionally. Coaching is not an alternative to a medical consultation.


“Connecting with Susan has been a true gift.  She brings a rare quality of deep listening to her practice, which has helped me express a much wider range of emotions than I have usually felt able to express in this kind of setting. Susan's openness is based on her deep study of matters of the heart and mind. She has offered valuable insights to me that have helped me understand more about myself and others in the context of difficult life challenges.”  3rd Grade Teacher

“Dr. Lord is a compassionate, wise and highly skilled coach who helped me overcome the fear of leaving a toxic situation. Her guidance is practical and effective. I have learned to stand tall, set healthy boundaries and move forward confidently in life. The result: I am happy and vibrant.” 5th Grade Teacher