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Colleen M. Simo

Colleen M. Simo, MM, PHR, CPC, RYT, is a Certified Professional Coach, completing her training in Coaching for Transformation in 2011. She has completed the advanced training in Conversational Intelligence with founder Judith Glasser and has a Master’s Degree in management.

Colleen has used her coaching skills in her role as HR Director for large service oriented non-profits, including Kripalu, Community Health Programs, and the Fireman’s Association of New York. Colleen has completed two yoga certifications, and is trained in meditation.   She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of working in large systems to help clients change self limiting beliefs so they can tap into their full potential and move forward with confidence and heart.


Colleen really helped me to talk through my ideas and start to explore new paths. With her support, I was able to see things I hadn’t been able to see before and then the changes I wanted were possible.

- Laura

As a culturally diverse person, finding a good fit was important to me. Colleen effortlessly formed a trusting relationship with me. I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and ideas. She understood my vision and showed me how to execute the small details. Her problem solving approach and assignments got me unstuck and helped me move forward successfully.   

- Debra

Colleen had the ability to hold space for me, something I had not experienced before. I felt safe and validated, moving at my own pace, as she kept me on track and held me accountable. She is real and for me, she was a “slam dunk”!   

- Maryanne